The Wasatch STEM Fair gives students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skill in science, technology, engineering and math and show what they are passionate about. Our students work hard to learn challenging concepts and ideas, and it’s exciting to see the creative ways in which they apply the knowledge and skills they’ve gained. Thank you to all students who participated in the STEM Fair and all the parents, judges and volunteers who helped make the event a success. We had 110 participants total with 4th, 5th, and 6th grades combined. Winners from 5th and 6th grades will go on to the District Fair in February. Congratulations winners!

Grand Champion—Bella Hanson “Dirty Money”

6th Grade

1st—Arwen Cavender

2nd—Kate Sandberg

3rd—Tommy Gouff

Honorable Mention—Evan Howell

Honorable Mention—Oliver Scribner

Honorable Mention—Shiori Carson

Honorable Mention—Zinnia Aanderud

5th Grade

1st—Lorenzo Davis

2nd—Huck Wiley

4th Grade

1st—Maaike Krommenhoek

2nd—Elise Pace

3rd—Liana Brinkerhoff

Honorable Mention—Austin Bulloch

Honorable Mention—Calvin Rose

Honorable Mention—Adamells Banya

Honorable Mention—Maylin McGowan