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Wasatch Elementary School

Central Utah STEM Fair 2022 Award Winners

ELSA PARRY—1st Place Life Science – Sweet Sweet Glucose

ELISE PACE—2nd Place Chemistry – Clean Water

ADAMELLS BANYA—3rd Place Chemistry – Bubbles!

Moving on to compete in Nationals: ELSA PARRY—Life Science – Sweet Sweet Glucose

STAR Reader Winners

SAGE CALDWELL—Kindergarten Winner

ELLE ADAMS—1st Grade Winner 3,168 pages

VIOLET ANDERSON—2nd Grade Winner 2,585 pages

SALU LEILUA—3rd Grade Winner 4,516 pages

HENRIETTA EVANS—4th Grade Winner 14,525 pages

ANNE SMALLEY—5th Grade Winner 22,074 pages

LISA FAGAN—6th Grade Winner 11,223 pages

PARKER NING—Lower Grade Winner 5,646 pages

EMMA LEWIS—Upper Grade Winner 23,402 pages

ELIZA FOX—Overall Winner 29,150 pages

EMMA COLE—STAR Reader Bike Drawing Winner (sponsored by Flickinger Sutterfield & Boulton)


2022 Wasatch Art Show Winners

Winning artwork from the 2022 Wasatch Art Show will remain on display on the wall in the Main Entrance of Wasatch Elementary throughout the 2022-2023 school year.

Ellie Snow – “Sunflowers” Elizabeth Gouff – “Still Life” Ivy Gibson – “Horse in the Sunset” Elise Allen – “Myself” Ethan Conner – “Mohawk” Penelope Nelson – “Another Summer Day” Miriam Dynes – “Emotions” Anna (no last name on artwork, but from Miner/Ge) – “Rainbow Satch” Audrey Nuttall – “Satch The Amazing” Ainsley Mugleston – “She-Hulk Getting Mad” Asher Bikman – “Zoom!” Sonnet Bradshaw – “Hot Day” Emma Catala – “Dreamy Ice Cream” Grace Ramos – “Pretty Flowers” Jiret E.H. (that is how the last name was written – from Munger/Shih) – “Rainbow” Byrdie Waltman – “Monet Water Lilies” Alice Bradley – “Keith Haring – Movement” Kaleb Tseng – “Pointillism Snowman” Luke (no last name on tag, but from Dalton’s class) – no title, but the piece with the brains exploding out of the head! Piper Josephson – “Kites”


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