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Wasatch Elementary School

We would like to congratulate ALL of the participants in this year’s STEM Fair. The judges were amazed by your creativity, perseverance, and hard work! Thank you to the teachers, staff members, and volunteers who helped to make this event possible.

The following is the list of winners from this event:

4th Grade Awards

  • 1st—Brandon Jenkins
  • 2nd—Helen Burt
  • 3rd—Louisa Holmes
  • 4th—Beckham Peterson
  • Honorable Mention—Mabel Soelberg
  • Honorable Mention—Emma Winegar
  • Honorable Mention—Eleanor Strawn

5th Grade Awards

  • 1st—Eli Isom
  • 2nd—Luke Gunnell

6th Grade Awards

  • Grand Champion—Josh Jenkins
  • 1st—Archie King
  • 2nd—Elsie Burton
  • 3rd—Emma Lewis
  • 4th—James Hawes
  • Honorable Mention—Anne Smalley
  • Honorable Mention—Liam Rowan
  • Honorable Mention—Audrey Richards
  • Honorable Mention—Ian Story
  • Honorable Mention—Elise Gallagher
  • Honorable Mention—Brooke Forsten
  • Honorable Mention—Ivy Gibson
  • Honorable Mention—Bjorn Wood

We also had 30 Raffle Prize winners including 2 Fire Tablets from Peak ENT (Photo above, Mr. Prusse representing Peak ENT).


Thank you to our volunteers the last fews weeks. We are so lucky to have Watch DOGS (Dads Of Great Students) at Wasatch! So…What are WatchDOGS? Watch DOGS are Dads Of Great Students.The WatchDOGS...

Mr. Jim Scribner loves every aspect of teaching 6th grade students - the work, the memories, the progress, the challenges, the weirdness, his team, Wasatch school, the parents, and of course, the...