Riding the Wind: Story Plays from Old China by Carol Korty

Audition Call:

Looking for:

A storytelling ENSEMBLE of about 25-30 students. Grades 2nd-6th may audition.

A TECH CREW of about 10 students. Grades 4th -6th Only.

A Stage Manager. 5th or 6th grade Only. This should be a very responsible student who is available to attend all rehearsals and be the director’s right-hand person.



Call backs will only be held if Necessary. You will be notified individually if I need to see your child again for certain parts. Please note: Just because a child is NOT called back does NOT mean they won’t be cast. Please always check the Final Cast List.

Auditions will be held in the Drama Room. (Wasatch Too Room 111). Participants will stay the whole time.

To Prepare:

For Actors:

For Stage Crew:


Show Info: (please read carefully)


Tech Week:

(All cast & crew will be called to these rehearsals. No conflicts will be permitted on these days. Tech rehearsals will be held on the Stage.) Rehearsal TIMES are TBA.



Please note that students who are cast in the show will be asked to help provide costumes for their parts in the show. Thanks so much for your help and support in this matter!

If this is a problem, contact Amelia Dunlap at ameliad@provo.edu BEFORE the costume approval and submission deadline. The student can still participate; we’ll just need to work out alternative costuming solutions for them.

Attendance Policy:

Actors and Crew will not be allowed to miss more than 3 Rehearsals/Stage Crew meetings and parents must inform the director if their student is going to miss. After the 3 allotted absences, another absence will result in the student being dismissed from the show. No conflicts for TECH WEEK rehearsals will be permitted.

Behavior Policy:

For this show we will have a 3 Strike policy. This means that if a student is misbehaving, they will receive a Strike. If they receive 3 Strikes in one rehearsal they will receive one X on their show record, and I will contact the parent regarding their behavior for that day. If the student receives 3 X’s during the course of the show the student will be dismissed from the show. The ability to work well with others, self-regulate and work independently is such an important part of Theatre and I appreciate your support in this matter.

Parent Talent Needed!

Throughout the rehearsal process we’ll need parent help on various things like building sets, props, organizing costumes, etc. If you’re willing and available to help, WE NEED YOU! Please indicate on the audition form where you can help!

Any questions? Contact the Director, Ms. Amelia Dunlap at ameliad@provo.edu or 801-867-3240

Please bring this form with you to your scheduled audition time—02202020-audition form.pdf