Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that 2020-2021 class placements should now be live for Wasatch Elementary students. You can log on to your Powerschool Parent Portal to see your student’s class placement. They are available through the main dashboard and classes section. If you do not have a parent portal, you can contact Mrs. Robinson at or 801-374-4910 to set one up.

A full list of faculty, by grade level, is listed below for your information.

As a reminder, we have transitioned to posting class placements on Powerschool due to FERPA (family educational rights and privacy act) laws. Parents will be able to see their student’s placements, but full class lists are no longer available.

If you have concerns about your student’s placement, you may submit an online appeal form (found here). All appeals must be submitted online by Thursday, June 25th at 4:00pm to be considered.

If you have any other questions, please contact Mrs. Hansen at