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Last modified: July 13, 2020

Welcome to Miss. Munger’s Page

This year is going to be a great year! I look forward to working with you as a team throughout this school year to ensure the best possible experience for your child!

Calendar Of Upcoming Events

Dates and events are subject to change:

About Miss Munger


I am excited to be teaching 1st grade! I enjoy reading, art, and traveling to warm beaches.

Classroom Information

Classroom Donations

Our First grade classroom does some snacks, a few science experiments, and two bus field trips. I am asking for a $20.00 donation to help go towards part of those expenses, if you can. Any amount is appreciated. It can be made at any point of the school year. I may need to ask for additional funds throughout the year for admission costs for field trip. If paying by check, please make it out to Wasatch Elementary School. No child will be excluded from an activity based on the ability to pay this donation.

News Letters

I will be doing a weekly newsletter about our classroom activities, which will be sent home on each FRIDAY for the next week in their blue and white Wasatch folder. I will also be sending an electronic copy to you as well, incase the paper does not make its way home.


team has asked that each child read 15 minutes (either by him or herself or with a parent) five days a week. A reading calendar will be sent home each month at the beginning of the month.

Also, you child will have a math packet sent home for each math unit. Please follow the instructions on the news letter that will be attached.

If your child does not finish work in class it will be sent home to be finished as homework. It is expected to be returned completed the next school day. *May change through the year as I am feeling out what is appropriate homework for 1st grade students.*


Homework Folder

This is your child’s red and white Wasatch folder. It will go home daily with notes, homework, and fun things we did in class that day. Please check it everyday. Starting in September your child’s reading bag will be in this folder as well.

Reading at Home

Starting in September your child will be given a nightly reading book on his or her level. Please listen to your child as he or she reads the book and sign-off on the sheet that the book has been read. A new book cannot be given out unless there is a parent or other responsible adult’s signature on the sign-off sheet. If a child has missed more than two nights of reading in a row, a phone call will be given to the home. Lost or damaged books will cost $6 to replace. Please try and make it a happy habit to read every night, M-F. You will be amazed at the results!

Star Student

This year we will be doing Star Student to let them have a special week to share different things about themselves and to invite the child’s family to come into the classroom for a visit. All visits are held on Fridays in the afternoon, unless special arrangements are made in advance.  More information will be sent home the week before your child’s special week.

Toys and Personal Items at School

No toys/small trinkets are allowed in my classroom unless pre-approved for an assignment. If toys are found in the classroom there will be 1 warning and I will have the student put it in their backpack to take home. If there is a second offense I will confiscate the item and a phone call or e-mail will be sent for a parent to come and collect said item. This policy is because I do not want children trading or selling their toys, loosing the toy, or an item being stolen.

Show and Tell

To help develop and practice out oral language we will be doing show and tell. However it will be infrequent and I will send out notifications when we will be doing it.


Research has shown that weekly spelling lists of random words does little to improve the spelling of young children in their own independent writing. Instead, our class will work with many word families throughout the year in addition to having a particular emphasis on learning the 100 word wall or “sight” words that are commonly misspelled for each child (based on the research of Fry).  *I may change to spelling tests midyear once students are more capable*


We will be doing three holiday parties in my class and they are: Halloween in October, A “Polar Express” party in December, and a Valentine’s Day in February. Thank you in advance for your help, either with bringing in treats or your physical presence on those days.


I LOVE birthdays!!!! I think they are very important. We will do a 15-20 minute party on or around your child’s birthday. I do half birthdays for summer birthdays. If your child wants to bring a treat to class please remember that the Utah State Department dictates that only packaged/manufacturer prepared treats are appropriate to send to school. Please do not send birthday invitations to school as it causes hurt feelings for those not invited.


Children who come to school are expected to participate in all scheduled activities for that day. There is no place for a child to stay inside for lunch recess, for example, as I am not in my room to monitor children. We understand that there is no way to keep all children healthy at all times throughout the school year, but we will do our best to have the children wash their hands often, disinfect desks, etc. so that we can keep our room as healthy as possible. Please follow the Wasatch guidelines about when to keep your child home so that we can all enjoy a healthy and happy school year together.

Water Bottles

I encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school. If they do, please make sure that the water bottle will not leak when tipped over on their desk. Make sure that the mouthpiece is covered when not in use.