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Last modified: January 30, 2020

Betsy Isom

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August 14 – Back to School Night

August 15 – First Day of School

Class Supply List

Notice: The items on these lists are optional. No Elementary School students may be required to bring any of these supplies to school. This list is compiled solely to provide information to parents or guardians who wish to voluntarily furnish supplies for student use. Equivalent supplies will be furnished by the school to all students free of charge as necessary.

Individual Supplies

Classroom/Community Supplies

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Unit 1.2

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

September 18-21

September 25-29

October 2-5

Unit 1.1-Integers

Identifying positive and negative numbers on a number line, compare and order integers, identify opposite and absolute value, add, subtract, multiply and divide integers.


Social Studies

Ancient Egypt Webquest

Ancient China Webquest


What is a “Narrative Text”?  It is what we usually think of as a “Story.”  Our focus this term is to help our 6th grade writers improve their writing skills by focusing on key details and story structure.  We will also learn about editing and the importance of multiple drafts!

Story Structure:  In 6th grade we sometimes call it the “story mountain.”  This is a visualization of how the pieces of a story fit together to help the action move along.  The focus is on including the most important details and editing out those that are not key to the story development.  The story mountain helps students visualize that stories have a beginning where the characters, setting, and “status quo” are introduced.  Then the problem is introduced and the “status quo” changes.  The characters must work through the rising action in attempts to “solve” the problem they are facing.  The climax is the “now or never” moment for the main character where the character must solve the problem.  And finally, the resolution explains the new “status quo” after the problem has been “solved.”

This Term we will have 2 writing assignments:

1.  Narrative Text/Story – Student chooses topic and genre.  Requirements – story has a beginning, rising action, climax, and resolution.  2-5pages Rough Draft (hand written)

2.  Suspense Story – Students create a suspense story that focuses on using the rising action to create and maintain suspense.  Requirements – story cannot be gory or violent.  Must contain story parts as well as specific suspense elements.  2-5 pages Final Draft (typed)

Term 1 – Narrative Text Students will be able to write a multi-paragraph narrative text using real or imagined experiences or events.

Students will use well-chosen details and well-structed sequences.

Parent Curriculum Guide

Language Arts Core Guide

Math Core Guide