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Last modified: November 11, 2022

Megan Anderson


***Information May Not Be Organized Properly***

I am currently updating my website. We started a new platform for our websites and I am trying to update it to be more organized and esthetically pleasing. Please be patient as I work out this process. If you have any specific questions please feel free to email me at


Welcome to Mrs. Anderson Fabulous Fifth Grade!

Class 2020-2021

Welcome to my classroom webpage. Please look around for information for specific topics and activities. If you have any questions please email me at

I am so excited to work with you and your child this upcoming year. This will be a fabulous adventure together! I am always grateful for donations of classroom supplies, the school year is more colorful and entertaining with your love and support.

Monetary donations are appreciated. The money will be used for class projects, activities, and teaching materials. Please voluntarily donate what you can. On average we ask for a donation of $25.00. Field trips cost extra money, for example JA City is $10.00 per student and most other field trips are $5.00 per student. If you would like to make a sum donation of field trips with your class donation you may.

All donations of class supplies will be pooled to class community supplies, this ensures supplies are on hand when needed.

Classroom Community Supplies Needed:

  • Small paper plates
  • Large paper plates
  • Paper bowls
  • Paper Cups
  • Wooden pencils**
  • Erasers
  • Scotch Tape**
  • Glue Sticks**
  • Playdough: green, purple, orange, yellow, red  (NOTE: Due to safety procedures please only donate store-bought playdough that still has a plastic seal NOT homemade)
  • Black Dry Erase Markers**
  • Regular sized scissors
  • Highlighters
  • Black Permanent Markers
  • 1 1/2 inch White 3 ring binder (for a memory book at the end of the year)

**we run out of supplies quickly

A list provided to a student’s parent or guardian pursuant to Subsection (4)(b) shall include and be preceded by the following language:     “NOTICE: THE ITEMS ON THIS LIST WILL BE USED DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL DAY. THEY MAY BE BROUGHT FROM HOME ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS, OTHERWISE, THEY WILL BE FURNISHED BY THE SCHOOL.”


Research has shown daily independent reading to be one of the most important factors in predicting a student’s success in school. Fifth-graders are expected to read 30 minutes each night from their book club books. Our class will be split into groups to read books for book club that align with our STAR Reader program (this is a required activity for fifth-grade). Students will then fill out two graphic organizers about the sections they have read before turning in homework. 10 minutes of class time will be given each week for students to work on this homework page. Please encourage your child to read daily, and ask questions about what he/she is reading!

Students are expected to review a few math problems each night. In an effort to help students be kids and enjoy their evenings, we would like students to only solve 5-10 math problems.

If your child needs any help please email me and I’ll happily discuss study options.


Read 30 Minutes

Each week on Thursday, after your student has read their assignment from the book club, we will hold book club groups to discuss what they read and make connections to their lives.

5th-Grade S.T.A.R. Reader

6th-Grade S.T.A.R. Reader

Each student is given an electronic copy of the STAR Reader to fill out on google classroom. This is where they fill out the page for it to be checked throughout the year. Students will be given reading assignments to help them meet their goals.


Math Homework 5-10 problems

Students are asked to solve 5-10 math problems for homework Monday-Thursday.  Due to copyright the math homework will be available to print on Google Classroom. If homework has been misplaced please print homework OR pick up an extra copy from class. Homework is due on Friday.

We may take a quiz to test students’ understanding of the math concepts. We then work on the skills that need to be worked on in our Math WIN review groups during the week.

Make-Up Work:

  • All classwork and homework can be made-up until the end of the term
    • Work is due one week before the term ends so grades are entered by the deadline.
  • I will do my best to send a progress report home once a month for students and parents to check. You can always check your child’s grade on Power School.


Language Arts

We are using the Wonder program in the district to teach Language Arts this year. It will have a combination of reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and more. Below are resources to use for review of the material we are learning.

Wonders Login

How to use the online dashboard for our reading program Wonders

How to navigate the student dashboard for Wonders. 

How to complete and turn in assignments.

Questions about using Wonders Dashboard.

Social Studies

This year we are learning American History. We have several great lessons, activities, and projects to learn American History. I have an additional website I’ve used the past few years that have a plethora of websites that the students can use to do interactive activities that relate to social studies.

CLICK HERE to access that website.


This year our science curriculum is based on our Utah State Core Standards. More information will come as the school year progresses.



I would love for my students to try new things and have fun! Of course, I would love your input about what websites or apps we could use on the Chromebooks. I have a google form I’d like you to fill out for any suggestions. Until then I have a few websites that you can explore.

Just Click HERE!

Funny Video Suggestions

Keyboarding Practice

As part of the Utah State Core it is required that students type 25 wpm by the end of the year.

Practice Makes Perfect!  Practice your typing at home, but remember the following:

  • Sit up tall and straight with your knees together and feet flat on the floor.
  • Eyes off the keyboard – memorize keys and you will eventually increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Keep fingers curled, palms off the table, elbows at your side, shoulders relaxed.
  • Focus on ACCURACY and then your SPEED will increase the more your PRACTICE!
  • Keep fingers on HOME ROW keys as you type.

Typing Club

Typing Tests

Typing Games

Keep hands on home row keys when playing the games

Find a game that works with your own level of typing.

Enrichment Opportunities

Here are some exciting enrichment activities to look forward to in Fifth Grade! It’s a wonderful year with many great things to learn. Below is a list of projects and activities:

States and Capitals We start right in with learning about our great nation which involves students making 50 index cards with the state name on one side and the capital of the state on the other for memorizing their states and capitals and each state’s location on a U.S. map.

STAR Reading We will be heading into the library on the first day of school and receive the form for this year’s Independent Reading Program. We would like to encourage students to complete this by the end of Christmas break although it is not due until right before the Awards Assembly (however, if students begin early, they can sometimes complete a second one).

Revolutionary War Simulation Students assume the roles of colonists, patriots, and loyalists as they participate in a weeklong simulation that takes them through the events that led to the American Revolution.

Wax Museum – Students dress up and memorize a speech as a wax museum figure, so be thinking about a famous American who changed America for the better. Costumes and props are a huge part of this exciting evening, so plan early!

Junior Achievement City Biztown All of the students in the fifth grade will learn about our economic system and spend an entire day running a business. They will take out a business loan, open a checking and saving account, pay bills, spend income, and work at a job. This is an amazing experience not to be missed. We will need many parent volunteers to make this work.

Memorize Gettysbury Address (optional)

Writer’s Olympics

Art Show, Wasatch Track, Awards Assembly and Dance Festival

Satch Patch (optional, but highly encouraged, it is our school’s highest award of honor and will be presented at the Award’s Assembly)

Forms are available in the office starting at end of Jan. or early Feb. Remember that three extra-curricular activities are required.

Optional Extra-Curricular Activities that are Encouraged:

Concert Choir, School Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Science Fair, Flag Corps, Great Brain Reports (forms are in the library), Talent Show

Standards to Master


Mrs. Turley and I will do our best to update grades weekly. Please familiarize yourself with PowerSchool.

Beginning of the Year Documents

*These documents need to be returned to Mrs. Anderson (English Teacher) by August 19, 2019.

Mrs. Anderson’s Favorites

  • Board & Card Games
  • Weight Lifting, Water Aerobics, & Swimming
  • LOVE Superheros
  • Dr. Pepper 10
  • All fruit (I’m allergic to kiwi)
  • Smiling and Laughing
  • Cafe Rio, Zupas, Subway, Wendy’s, & Chick-fil-a

*Note: I am really trying to eat healthier. I request that there be no sugar-filled treats for me. I really appreciate your gratitude and thoughtfulness though!

Book Club



Social Studies


Extra Curricular