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Last modified: July 23, 2020

Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities Here are some exciting enrichment activities to look forward to in Fifth Grade! It’s a wonderful year with many great things to learn. Below is a list of projects and activities:

States and Capitals We start right in with learning about our great nation which involves students making 50 index cards with the state name on one side and the capital of the state on the other for memorizing their states and capitals and each state’s location on a U.S. map.

STAR Reading We will be heading into the library on the first day of school and receive the form for this year’s Independent Reading Program. We would like to encourage students to complete this by the end of Christmas break although it is not due until right before the Awards Assembly (however, if students begin early, they can sometimes complete a second one).

Revolutionary War Simulation Students assume the roles of colonists, patriots, and loyalists as they participate in a weeklong simulation that takes them through the events that led to the American Revolution.

Wax Museum – Students dress up and memorize a speech as a wax museum figure, so be thinking about a famous American who changed America for the better. Costumes and props are a huge part of this exciting evening, so plan early!

Junior Achievement City Biztown All of the students in the fifth grade will learn about our economic system and spend an entire day running a business. They will take out a business loan, open a checking and saving account, pay bills, spend income, and work at a job. This is an amazing experience not to be missed. We will need many parent volunteers to make this work.

Memorize Gettysbury Address (optional)

Writer’s Olympics

Art Show, Wasatch Track, Awards Assembly and Dance Festival

Satch Patch (optional, but highly encouraged, it is our school’s highest award of honor and will be presented at the Award’s Assembly)

Forms are available in the office starting at end of Jan. or early Feb. Remember that three extra-curricular activities are required.

Optional Extra-Curricular Activities that are Encouraged:

Concert Choir, School Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Science Fair, Flag Corps, Great Brain Reports (forms are in the library), Talent Show