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Last modified: July 23, 2020


Keyboarding Practice As part of the Utah State Core it is required that students type 25 wpm by the end of the year.

Practice Makes Perfect!  Practice your typing at home, but remember the following:

Sit up tall and straight with your knees together and feet flat on the floor. Eyes off the keyboard – memorize keys and you will eventually increase your speed and accuracy. Keep fingers curled, palms off the table, elbows at your side, shoulders relaxed. Focus on ACCURACY and then your SPEED will increase the more your PRACTICE! Keep fingers on HOME ROW keys as you type. BE GREAT TYPISTS! Typing Club

Typing Tests

Typing Games

Keep hands on home row keys when playing the games

Find a game that works with your own level of typing.

Keyboard Revolution Keyboard Invasion Desert Racer Spacebar Invaders Hyder Spyder Frog Typing Type Toss Fire Rescue War of the Words Nitro Type Cup Stack Sailboat Race Horse Racing Alpha Attack Keyboard Chase Albarns Attack Snowman Typing Trick or Type