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Last modified: August 4, 2020

Michelle Hatch

Welcome to Fifth Grade (The “Best Grade” in the “Best School in the Land”)

Supply List

We are excited to work with you and your child this upcoming year.  We are looking forward to a spectacular year!

Most helpful:  Monetary donations are appreciated.  The money will be used toward field trips, class projects, teaching activities and books.  We are asking for donations of 25.00.

“Notice the items on this list are optional.  No elementary school student may be required to bring any of these supplies to school.  This list is compiled solely to provide information to parents or guardians who wish to furnish supplies for student use.  Equivalent supplies will be furnished by the school to all students free of charge as necessary.”

SUPPLIES for COMMUNITY USE IN THE CLASSROOM (do not put your name on these) and (please take your supplies to the teacher you have first in the morning)

  • Sharpened pencils (wooden or mechanical)
  • Glue Sticks (large are great)
  • Colored pencils, crayons, markers
  • Tissue Boxes

Chinese for Mrs. Ge’s Class-Personal Student Items:

  • 3 (1″) 3-Ring Binders
  • Science Board for presenting Animal Report

English for Mrs. Hatch’s Class-Personal Items (put your name on these items)

  • Sticky notes (about 3″ size) put your name on the bottom of each packet
  • 4 Strong (Plastic if possible) pocket folders for keeping work organized
  • 4 Composition Notebooks (70-100 pages) marked with your name on each front cover, mark one for each:  Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Journal/Writing
  •  Highlighters (2 or 3 in different colors)
  • Small pouch to keep your supplies organized
  • Red pens for correcting
  • 50 blank note c ards for memorizing the states and capitols (if you want to start early, write the name of the state one one side of the card and the capitol city on the back)
  • Regular-sized scissors
  • One 2″ binder and 25 plastic sheet protectors

As Summer time is just around the corner, parents often wonder what their child should do to be prepared for the fifth grade. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Read everyday!
  • Attend the summer reading program at the Provo City Library
  • Practice writing (letters, journals, stories, etc.)
  • Master times tables.

NOTE: please sign a sheet of paper documenting the number of pages read and the amount of writing that was completed over the summer. We will have a class celebration upon returning in August for those students who kept their minds ALIVE during their summer break!

Coming Attractions:  This year’s PAW’S Theme is

“LEGOS-Working Together to Build a Wasatch Team!”  

Here are some exciting events to look forward to in Fifth Grade!  It’s a wonderful year with many great things to learn.  Below is a list of projects and activities: (dates are subject to change)

August/September:  States and Capitols We start right in with learning about our great nation which involves students making 50 index cards with the state name on one side and the capitol of the state on the other for memorizing their states and capitols and each state’s location on a U.S. map.  This year is an ELECTION YEAR!!! So we will be doing some exciting things to learn all about this process!

August/September:  Explorer Reports Each student will select an explorer and research information in order to create a cereal box display of information about the explorer and give an oral presentation.  This will be the written report.

Our School Library’s Star Reader: (Required) We will be heading into the library on the first day of school and receive the form for this year’s Independent Reading Program.  We would like to encourage students to complete this by the end of Christmas break although it is not due until right before the Awards Assembly (however, if students begin early, they can sometimes complete a second one).

October/November: Animal report for our Inherited Traits Science Unit (see student packet)

December: Colonial American Report  This will be a formal written report including a bibliography.

December/January:  Civil War

February/March Wax Museum  – students dress up and memorize a speech as a wax museum figure, so be thinking about a famous American who changed America for the better.  Costumes and props are a huge part of this exciting evening so plan early!  Tuesday, February 9th is the day!

April Book Report – a creative project, including a “book talk” similar to what might be said on the Reading Rainbow show. Students will receive ideas in class on how to influence and persuade their peers to want to read their book.

Junior Achievement Biz City!  This is an extraordinary financial and business learning experience that we will attend in SLC at the Gateway Children’s Museum.

May: Wasatch Track Meet

Art Show

Dance Festival

Writer’s Olympics-encouraged but not required  for 5th graders, due date determined by school

Satch Patch (optional, but highly encouraged, it is our school’s highest awardof honor and will be presented at the Award’s Assembly)

Forms are available in the office starting at end of Jan. or early Feb.  Remember that three extra-curricular activities are required.

Optional Extra-Curricular Activities that are Encouraged:

Writer’s Olympics, Concert Choir, School Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Science Fair, Great Brain Reports (forms are in the library) Ski School, Story-Telling, After-School Programs



Requirement Page

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Requirement Page