Dear Parents,

In light of the most current events around COVID-19, we understand that this is an uncertain time. We all have to be diligent in taking care of our physical, social, and emotional well-being so we can take care of our loved ones. In order to do this, we encourage you to talk to your children about the facts around COVID-19 and what this time of school dismissal means. This is a link that will help: Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to Talk to Your Child

We are working hard to help meet the needs of students and families. During these challenging times, it is important to take care of your emotional health. Pay attention to how you and your family members are feeling. Taking care of your emotional health will help you think clearly and react in a productive way to protect yourself and your family. Here are some tips on how you and your family can be safe and find support.

Please follow this link to the Provo City School Districts website to read more…