Learn to Build, Design and Code!

Math-Science-Technology Focused STEM based curriculum

Starting: Sept 13th (9 Week Program) Fridays 1:40pm to 2:40pm

Parents invited to SHOWCASE on last day

Grades: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6

Advanced classes for continuing students

Cost: $65 for the entire program

Registration: Bring Robotics Registration Form to Wasatch Elementary front office

Robotics Registration 19-20.pdf

To learn more visit www.roboticstem.com

Robotics Competitions in Winter 2020

Ages 6-7 Introductory: Introduction to STEM. Building models, Introduction to construction, colors, shapes, Wheels & motors. Environment, animals, technology and transport.

Ages 6-7 Advanced: Exposure to programming and engineering. Design and build. Distance and tilt sensors. Lessons include motion, gear, belts, spin and balance, beats and rhythm.

Age 8-9 Introductory: Designs, Observations, and interpretations. Introduction to coding and programming. Design your own programs and configure its behavior using motors, sensors and other electronics

Age 8-9 Advanced: Engineering & technology. Building simple machines. Coding lessons include: direction, negatives, rotation, coordinates, shapes, animation costumes, switches, “logic” & sequences

Age 10-11 Introductory: Introduction to Mindstorm robots and micro- controllers. Problem solving and “hands on” application. Product design, Observations, interpretations, ratios & proportions. Programming, random number concepts and variables, servo motors, multiple sensors and electronics

Age 10-12 Advanced: Navigating autonomous robots with sensors (ultrasonic, sound, touch and light). Concepts include: making music with codes, light intensity, line counter and tracer, switches & loops, geometric shapes and programming on degrees, synchronizing multiple motors and fun obstacle courses