Fall Festival was a great success! Thank you so much for coming and sharing such a fun evening with us. We love our Wasatch traditions. We want to thank Pam Smalley, Suzanne Sawyer, Heather Kelley and the many others who helped. We were able to give the proceeds to your children’s teachers for them to enhance learning in their classrooms. Thank you!

We had a fun and relaxing time in Kiwanis park with many of you at our picnic lunch! Thanks for joining us! The weather was beautiful and we were able to meet a lot of you and make great connections. We’re hoping to do it again later in October—watch your emails for a date!

Thanks to those of you who came to our PAWS meeting this past Friday! PAWS stands for Patrons at Wasatch School—which includes all of us. Come join us at our next meeting! Bring a friend and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Everyone is welcome. We’ll have a raffle!

To all our no screen week, bike to school week and vision screening helpers, we really think you’re grand!

And finally, thank you for helping recognize our teachers. We think we have the best teachers in the land! Each week we are spotlighting a different teacher in the display case at the front of the school. We put up a picture of them with kind words from you and your children. If you haven’t had a chance to write something for a teacher, please take a minute to do so and we will include it in their spotlight. Here’s the link:

Thanks for your support, Jayne Wells Cindy McQueen Heather Kelley Talia Christensen