Our Wasatch librarians presented the “Reading Opens Windows to the World” ProvoREADS theme with a “book tasting” last week. The students were serenaded by music while they had a little “taste” of a book at their table. When the music stopped they moved on to a new table and a new book. One table even included our own student author Lynn Chen’s book Kate:1777.

ProvoREADS is a Provo City School District initiative in association with Provo City PTA to promote literacy, while broadening and deepening an appreciation of reading.

During the 2019-20 school year, libraries throughout the district will present a new literature theme each month. In October, the theme is “Reading Opens Windows to Exploration”. Books included for this month are nonfiction and fiction subjects that are related to the solar system, space travel/exploration, future technology, sci-fi, exploring who we are and building friendships.

To find some book ideas and more information about this program visit the Provo School District website.