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No cash on hand the day of the Book Fair? No worries – Scholastic Book Fairs® is now offering Book Fair eWallet as a new payment option. Simply set up an account and have funds immediately available for your child to shop the Book Fair. Safe and secure – it’s easy shopping with Book Fair eWallet.

Book Fair eWallet FAQs

What is a Book Fair eWallet? eWallet is a new, digital payment option that gives your school community a secure, cash-free way to shop the fair. Parents can pre-authorize a spending amount online, which can be looked up or scanned at checkout.

Is there a fee for creating an eWallet? There is no charge to create an eWallet; it is a free service for your school community.

Can parents create an eWallet at any time? Once you’ve enabled the eWallet payment option, eWallets are available for setup two weeks prior to your fair start date and through the end of your in-school fair. Parents cannot create accounts before that time due to credit card preauthorization regulations.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of funds that can be loaded to an eWallet? There is a $10 minimum in order to set up an account. There is no maximum amount.

Can parents create one eWallet for all of their children? No, parents must create an eWallet for each student; accounts cannot be shared or transferred.

How are parents charged for eWallet purchases? A preauthorization charge will appear on the credit card account in the amount parents select as the eWallet spending limit. Parents will only be charged for what is purchased at the fair (up to the spending limit they selected). Any unspent funds will be released back to the credit card after the fair ends.

Can parents add additional funds to an existing eWallet? Yes, additional funds can be added to the eWallet at any time.

Can parents delete an existing eWallet? Yes, parents can delete eWallets and any unspent funds would be returned to their credit card.

Can extended family members setup an eWallet account? Yes, anyone can set up an eWallet account for a student, so a student may have multiple eWallets to utilize. You may want to suggest eWallets to extended family members who are unable to attend the book fair and still want to support your student.

How will I know if any eWallets have been setup? When the first eWallet account has been setup, you will receive an email notification. No other emails will be sent, regardless of the number of eWallets created.

Can items purchased with an eWallet be returned? Yes, if any items purchased during the fair are returned, the amount will be credited back to the eWallet account. Change is not given for eWallet accounts.


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