Miss Ma is an extraordinary teacher who cares immensely about her students, is very vigilant about staying current on best teaching practices, and is willing to serve in a variety of leadership roles. We are honored to be able to present her the Teacher of the Year Award for 2018-19 in recognition of her hard work and dedication to the welfare and education of our students at Wasatch.

In order to earn the Teacher of the Year Award, a teacher must be involved professionally beyond the regular classroom assignment. Miss Ma is an exemplary model of that level of service. She has been on the Leadership Team, Data Team, Social Justice Committee, and Technology Initiative, in addition to helping mentor new teachers, and being observed numerous times a year by state DLI representatives.

Miss Ma’s quality instruction in the classroom, high expectations of students, and immense care for their success and well-being, helps students to reach their academic goals. We are so grateful for Miss Ma’s hard work, dedication, and encouragement of students to be successful in their goals so that they can have a happy life full of the opportunities they desire in the future. Thank you! And congratulations Miss Ma!!