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Wasatch Elementary School

The Wasatch Office strives to achieve a 3-fold mission.

1 – Meet the needs of students. 2 – Meet the needs of parents and volunteers. 3 – Meet the needs of teachers and staff.

Meeting the needs of students at Wasatch can range anywhere from Band-Aids to soothing hurt feelings. Most students visit the office to see our health clerk. Bumps and bruises can be soothed with a cool, frozen sponge. Headaches and dental pain can be dulled with Tylenol or ibuprofen. Temperatures taken, jammed fingers wrapped and bloody noses stopped. Never a dull moment!

Meeting the needs of parents and volunteers can range anywhere from verbal directions to a classroom to checking students our for a doctor’s appointment. Parents are full of questions and excitement. We openly welcome our super-duper volunteers whether parent or university student. Wasatch’s location makes us lucky enough to have a large number of university student sign up as volunteers. Sweet bonus!

Meeting the needs of teachers and staff can range anywhere from updating student information to a sweet piece of chocolate to extend energy and calm the nerves. Teachers carry a heavy load and it’s the offices’ hope to lift it in any way.


Remember…right side together hop, left side together hop? Want to join the Alumni Maypole and perform on the last day of school? We will hold practice after school on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23...

We want to thank all the dads and father figures who volunteered at Wasatch last week. Your support greatly influences the lives of our students and has a meaningful impact on our community. Wasatch...

We are having an open house for Mr Fuhriman, Mr Porter, and Ms Berges to say "Thanks" and "Goodbye." Open House May 16th 3:30-4:30 Wasatch Library We need cookie donations If you are...