The Wasatch Office strives to achieve a 3-fold mission.

1 – Meet the needs of students. 2 – Meet the needs of parents and volunteers. 3 – Meet the needs of teachers and staff.

Meeting the needs of students at Wasatch can range anywhere from Band-Aids to soothing hurt feelings. Most students visit the office to see our health clerk. Bumps and bruises can be soothed with a cool, frozen sponge. Headaches and dental pain can be dulled with Tylenol or ibuprofen. Temperatures taken, jammed fingers wrapped and bloody noses stopped. Never a dull moment!

Meeting the needs of parents and volunteers can range anywhere from verbal directions to a classroom to checking students our for a doctor’s appointment. Parents are full of questions and excitement. We openly welcome our super-duper volunteers whether parent or university student. Wasatch’s location makes us lucky enough to have a large number of university student sign up as volunteers. Sweet bonus!

Meeting the needs of teachers and staff can range anywhere from updating student information to a sweet piece of chocolate to extend energy and calm the nerves. Teachers carry a heavy load and it’s the offices’ hope to lift it in any way.