Our 2nd and final boxtops submission for this school year is on March 1st. Your kids will be able to trade in clipped boxtops for a treat or small toy on February 12, 13, and 14 during lunch time. We will be in the conference room across from the lunchroom. Please send all your clipped boxtops with your kids so they don’t expire. The attached photo is all the expired boxtops submitted in the last month. Boxtops won’t accept expired ones.

If you give credit to your students on the app, they can also pick out something for those earnings. Here is a great tutorial on the BTFE (Box Tops for Education) Instagram page on how to do that. We will print off a list from the app of anyone who has linked their earnings to a student so they can pick out a prize/treat.

If your child has turned in clipped box tops since our last submission in November and is not on this list found on our google form, please email cherylkins@gmail.com and we’ll add them to the list. If they included a slip of paper with their name on it in their bag of boxtops then they should be on the list.

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