We wanted to provide a quick update on how the day has gone so far and provide updates on services.

Device Checkout

Due to the overwhelming response for Chromebooks, the district needs to make some clarifications.  The district only has enough Chromebooks to provide about 1 Chromebook for every 2 students.  This means that Chromebooks are designated for students who have NO ACCESS to adequate technology at their home.  In homes where there are multiple students needing Chromebooks, we will check out 1 to every 2 students in that family.  Families with single students will be able to work through getting a Chromebook for that family.

School Meals

Breakfast went well this morning.  Thank you to parents and students for following the guidance sent out regarding pick up of breakfast.  We anticipate that lunch will go just as smoothly.

Teachers are working hard today to prepare for online learning.  Visit the district Facebook and Instagram to get a glimpse into the work going on throughout the day.

As always, we will continue to provide updates as we learn more information.  All information is posted to the district website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  Emails and phone calls will also continue to be sent as needed.