Wasatch Too computer lab

We have the awesome opportunity to use technology to help us learn Chinese and so much more in the Wasatch Too computer lab! Students come to the lab using Mandarin Matrix, Better Chinese, and even the Quizlet links the teachers create to improve their reading, writing, and listening skills. The students especially love to do the Quizlet matching game that helps them improve their Chinese vocabulary. They race to see who can clear the match-board in the quickest time! Here in the lab we focus on developing a variety of skills, we use the computers to practice using technology wisely and we work on using the Chinese language to improve our understanding of math and science. You can say that every activity we do in the Wasatch Too computer lab takes a “two birds with one stone” approach to learning. Mr. Byers, Miss Eyer, and Mr. Dodge are the three teachers who happily work with the students everyday!

Wasatch Main Computer Lab

Mrs. Paiva is the Keyboard teacher in the Wasatch Main Computer Lab. Keyboarding is one of the specialty classes at Wasatch that helps students learn and develop typing skills. The goal of her class is to train students to type accurately and quickly without needing to look at the keyboard. Students train using the software program called Typing Club. It’s for 3rd – 6th graders with interactive lessons that allows students to go at their own pace and it tracks their progress.

If you would like to see your student’s progress, Typing Club can be accessed through the link on my school homepage:

The username is their lunch number and the password is 123.  My homepage also has fun typing games to help your student practice.