Throughout the year PAWS will spotlight our fantastic teachers in the display case at the front of the school. We want each teacher to know how grand we think they are. Here are some of the nice things that you said about Mrs. Hatch:

-Mrs. Thompson puts so much energy into getting students excited about Chinese.

-Mrs. Thompson cares about helping each student reach full potential. My daughter learned so much from her last year.

-I truly appreciate the effort Mrs. Thompson puts into helping students master difficult subjects!

-Mrs. Thompson Pushed my daughter’s class to reach their potential in Chinese and science. Because of her high expectations for the class, my daughter exceeded the science expectations on the state test.

-I love learning Chinese with Mrs. Thompson!

-Mrs. Thompson cares about each student making them feel good about their work and progress!

-Mrs. Thompson helped me improve on my Chinese reading, writing, and speaking!