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Last modified: November 11, 2022

First Grade Music

I can…..

  • Keep a steady beat
  • Sing in my high ringy voice
  • Sing in tune
  • Hear the difference between high and low sounds
  • Tap rhythms with “ta” and “ti-ti” (quarter notes and eighth notes)
  • Derive rhythms from songs I know
  • Move my body to music
  • Write rhythms with quarter notes and eighth notes.
  • I can identify and write barlines, double barlines, and time signatures.
  • I can hear and identify which notes are high and which are low.
  • I can sing songs with sol and mi.
  • I can write rhythms with a quarter rest.

Learning Sol and Mi

Our first experience sight reading!

(They learned and sang this all on their own!)

Christmas Unit: O Tannenbaum!

We learned how to sing the song, “O Christmas Tree” in German, and learned about Christmas in Germany.