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Last modified: December 4, 2020


PAWS = Patrons at Wasatch School

PAWS BOARD 2020-2021 “Keep Going, Keep Growing”





PAWS Calendar 2020-2021

PAWS Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Donations Are Always Welcome!!

We always appreciate support from the community and families of Wasatch.

If you’re interested in donating you can do so via:

Earn Money for Our School Using the BoxTop App

If you haven’t downloaded the app, please take a few minutes to download and link it to Wasatch. Almost 25% of parents download the app/return the form. We know it will take awhile for everyone to get into the habit of using it and that it’s a hassle to add another app to your phone. Thank you for learning the new system and earning money for Wasatch!

When you scan your receipt click the “give credit” button and add your kids’ first and last name in. We’ll do a different contest in February and want to make sure your earnings are linked to you for that contest so kids can get a prize for the app box tops.

Some clipped box tops will allow you to “double dip” for now. Try scanning the receipt even if the item(s) you purchase have clipped box tops. And save all those clipped box tops for our February contest.

If you do online grocery delivery, check the FAQs on their website for how to submit those receipts.

Look for another fun contest in February. We will submit box tops again on March 1st.

Thanks for supporting Wasatch!

PAWS Fundraising

  1. Download the App
  2. Complete your profile & link your account to Wasatch Elementary
  3. Scan receipts when you purchase items with these boxtops
  4. Click on “givecredit” Enter your kids’ names

Turn in any clipped boxtops that look like this (see below)