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Wasatch Elementary School

All student auditions for the in-school assemblies must use the google form (see link below) and include a YouTube link of the students’ audition video. Acts must be no longer than 60-75 seconds. Instructions for creating a YouTube link are included below. If a student is performing in a group act, please fill out a single google form for the entire group. Group acts should choose one parent/guardian to be a contact on the form. A limited number of act slots are available for the in-school assemblies. Students and parents will be notified if they will be involved in the in-school assemblies.

Talent Show Audition Form

How to create a YouTube link of your audition video:

  • Step #1: Create a YouTube Channel. (You can use an internet search engine for instructions on how to do this if you need help to create a channel).
  • Step #2: Find and click on the video player icon (with a “+” sign in the middle) located in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Step #3: In the drop down menu, click on the “Upload video” player icon.
  • Step #4: Drag and drop videos to screen or push “Select Files” button.
  • Step #5: Name the video and add description and select “Next” at bottom right of page.
  • Step #6: Select “Yes, it is made for kids” and push “Next.”
  • Step #7: “Video Elements” page is optional. You can skip this page and go to “Next” at lower right of page.
  • Step #8: Your video will be checked for restriction on the “Checks Page.” Select “Next” at the lower right of page.
  • Step #9: Lastly, on the “Visibility” page mark “Unlisted” and push the “Save” button.

Talent Show Audition Form

Remember, there are two ways to participate in this year’s talent-sharing:

  1. Use the google form to send in an audition video and perform your talent live at the assembly for your grade level.
  2. Send in an audition video for your talent if it won’t work live on the stage (i.e. horseback riding or ice skating) and have it shown on a big screen during the live assembly. We recognize not all talents fit well in a school gym and want to give those students the chance to showcase what they can do too.

We are grateful for our Wasatch students. They are…The Most Talented School in the Land! Questions? Email


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