Mr. Fuhriman and Mrs. Snow challenge every student at Wasatch to read during the winter break! Color in a snowflake for each day you complete your reading minutes required for your grade level. Complete the challenge and you will receive a reward when you return to school in January!


  1. All minutes for this challenge must be read during the winter break.
  2. Books must be read independently by the student except for students in grades K-1, in which case a parent or sibling can read to the child if necessary.
  3. Form must be signed by the parent and turned into the front office by Thursday, January 7, 2021. The reward will come the following week.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade 15 minutes for each snowflake (135 min total)

2nd & 3rd Grade 20 minutes for each snowflake (180 min total)

4th-6th Grade 30 minutes for each snowflake (270 min total)

Winter Break Reading Challenge Tracking Sheet