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Last modified: November 11, 2022

Kindergarten Music

Kindergarten Music Fun!!

Learning Targets

  • I can sing songs in tune
  • I can keep a steady beat

In Kindergarten, our mission is simple: sing in tune, keep a steady beat, and HAVE FUN!! We love to have little adventures in class with our friends, Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle. They help us to practice making our voices go up and down, and play with them. One of the kids favorites is to go sliding on ice mountains with penguins: they draw the mountains, and then we make our voices follow the contour! Here is what that would look like:

We love to sing songs, play games, and dance to music! Here are some of our favorite songs/games:

Here are some songs we have loved dancing to:

JS Bach’s Jig Fugue on the organ

Vivaldi’s Winter

Here is a mash-up of Vivaldi’s Winter with Let it Go from Frozen, compliments of the Piano Guys

Leopold Mozart’s Hunting Symphony (I apologize that the painting on the YouTube video is a little gruesome, but it is the best recording I could find online!)

Some of the things we like to listen for in songs are when they are loud, soft, slow or fast, high or low, and what instruments they here. Try dancing to them at home!