Drop off Creations in the Wasatch Main Gym for Judging Friday, September 13, 8:20-8:45

What is a Pop-Bottle Creation? Pop-bottle creations are UNOPENED pop bottles and cans, decorated as any creation you can imagine, or assembled into a fun scene. Entries are donated to be used as prizes fro the Pop-Bottle Parade (like a cake walk) at the Fall Festival. Make your entry something that Festival participants will LOVE to win!

PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES!!! All entrants receive a Fall Festival ticket!

Guidelines: • Have fun!

• NO GLASS bottles, please.

• Use unopened beverage containers (pop bottles or juice boxes/containers). No water bottles.

• Combination of pop bottles could include: One 2-liter bottle, Two 20-ounce bottles, Four or more cans or juice boxes, Any combination of 3 pop bottles

• Groupings must be attached to a single board or box for easy movement and count as one entry.

• You may purchase back your creation for a $5 donation to PAWS right after school.

• Limit two entries per student

• ATTACH ENTRY FORM TO YOUR CREATION(S) (Pop Bottle Creation Contest Entry Form PDF)