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Wasatch Elementary School

Welcome to the office!

I love being the office lady. I get to interact and be part of ALL of the wonderful elements of an elementary school. I have lived in Utah Valley all my life. I’m a farm girl by nature, but I live in the city now:-) I love animals and in particular, my sweet puppy dog Tippy. She brings a lot of joy. I love to sing, relax, visit with family and recently I’ve been trying to learn a few sweet dance moves to help me stay active in my old age:)

Fun Facts

  • My heart connects with trees. It’s weird, but I swear I can see them waving at me and feel them calling out to me when they are happy or sad.
  • If I could choose something to do on a free day I would go and visit my dad, brothers, and sisters. I love visiting with my family.

My Hero

My Dad is my hero!

Favorite Thing

I love making up silly announcements for the school!

Contact Me


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