RED RIBBON WEEK—October 23-25,2019 11 AM -12:50 PM

Need volunteers to help with the different activities each day at lunch time.

We are in need of treats & mini candy to go with the Maturation gift bags. Please deliver these donated items by October 9, 2019 for the 5th/6th grade Maturation.

We need 5 people from 6-7 pm to help set up as well as help out at any booths that might be short student volunteers. Will need 5 people from 7-8 pm to help with any booths that might be short student volunteers and then help clean up.

Contact: Stephanie Burt

Contact: Heather Kelley

Contact: Kristi Eyre, Ie Mei Taylor and Milagros Perry Volunteer will come up with an idea/activity to highlight/teach about a specific continent/country We do have a small budget so if you have a small candy/sticker/gift you’d like to give out when the kids come. Let us know.

Contact: Mary Peck Volunteers needed during lunchtime to help the students find books, help count their money.