Throughout the year PAWS will spotlight our fantastic teachers in the display case at the front of the school. We want each teacher to know how grand we think they are. Here are some of the nice things that you said about Mrs. Hatch:

-Mrs. Hatch is kind and thoughtful. She helped my students love school.

-Mrs. Hatch taught my student the importance of serving and being kind to others.

-Mrs. Hatch makes sure each of her students feels special and loved. Her encouragement and loving nature help every child succeed. She is AMAZING!

-Mrs. Hatch makes sure her students feel love and kindness. She also teaches them how to show love and kindness. She is a wonderful person to with!

-Mrs. Hatch goes above & beyond for her 5th graders. She teaches them in an engaging way. The kids feel ownership & pride in their work. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Hatch, WE LOVE YOU!

-Mrs. Hatch is an outstanding and kind teacher. We are so grateful for her!

-Mrs. Hatch helped my son when he was going through a difficult time. It meant so much to him.

-She is the sweetest teacher! She loves everyone and makes everyone feel loved & included.