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Last modified: September 8, 2023

Links & Resources:

1. Mandarin Matrix 故事花园 (Main Instructional Material)

2. Level Learning(Speaking + Reading Practice Platform)

3. Mrs. Shih’s Chinese Quizlet 施老师的中文Quizlet

3A. 1st grade study sets

1.  复习一 Review 1: Mandarin Matrix 1st Grade

2.  复习二 Review 2: Mandarin Matrix 1st Grade

3. 复习三 Review 3: Mandarin Matrix 1st Grade

4. 复习四 Review 4: Mandarin Matrix 1st Grade

3B. 2nd grade study sets

5. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-1.1 我们可不可以坐下? Can We Sit Down?

6. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-1.2 上楼梯 Going Upstairs

7. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-1.3 玩滑梯 Playing on the Slide

8. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-2.1 我的小马在哪里?Where’s My Little Horse?

9.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-2.2 我们可以坐哪里?Where Can We Sit?

10. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-2.3 你的朋友在哪里?Where is Your Friend?

11.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-3.1 玩水 Playing in the Water

12.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-3.2 男生跟女生是朋友 Boys and Girls are Friends

13.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-3.3 水娃娃 Water Friends

14.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-4.1 我喜欢吃 I like to Eat

15.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-4.2 玩沙 Playing in the Sand

16.  故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-4.3 几条大虫?How Many Big Worms? 

17.  故事花园 Mandarin Matrix G1-5.1 生日惊喜 Birthday Surprise

18. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-5.2 捉迷藏 Hide and Seek

19. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-5.3 谁跟妹妹看书 Who Will Read with Little Sister?

20. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-6.1 不可以玩雪 No Playing with the Snow!

21. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-6.2 雪人 Snowman

22. 故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-6.3 老师说 Teacher Says

23.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-7.1 跟爸爸玩 Playing with Dad

24.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-7.2 谁的钱包 Whose Wallet is This?

25.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-7.3 探险 Nature Walk

26.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-8.1 小狗去学校 Dog Goes to School

27.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-8.2 放学回家 Home from School

28.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-8.3 老学校 Visiting the Old School

29.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-9.1 钓鱼 Going Fishing

30.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-9.2 机器人 Robot

31.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-9.3 谁来帮爸爸 Who Will Help Dad?

32.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-10.1 父亲节 Father’s Day

33.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-10.2 妈妈不在家的时候 When Mom is not Home

34.故事花园Mandarin Matrix G1-10.3 快乐的一天 a Happy Day

4. Better Chinese 快乐儿童华语 (Supplemental Material)

  1. Lesson 13
  2. Lesson 14
  3. Lesson 15
  4. Lesson 16
  5. Lesson 17
  6. Lesson 18
  7. Lesson 19
  8. Lesson 20
  9. Lesson 21
  10. Lesson 22
  11. Lesson 23
  12. Lesson 24


IXL Math  sign in

2nd Grade Math Essentials二年级数学主要学习标准

term 1

-2NBT2 count to 1000, skip count by 5s, 10s, and 100s

-2NBT3 read & write numbers to 100

-2OA3 determine odd or even number

2NBT1 -understand digits of 3-digit number are 100’s, 10’s & 1’s

-2NBT3 read & write numbers to 100

-2NBT4 compare two 3-digit numbers

-2NBT8 mentally add 10 mentally subtract 10

-2OA1 Add & subtract 1- & 2 step problem

-2OA2 fluency add & subtract within 20

term 2

-2NBT5 fluently add & subtract to 100 -2OA1 add & subtract 1- & 2-step problems

-2NBT6 add four 2-digit numbers

-2NBT9 explain addition and subtraction strategies

-2NBT6 add four 2-digit numbers

-2NBT9 explain addition and subtraction strategies

-2NBT5 fluency add & subtract to 100

-2OA1 Add & subtract 1- & 2 step problem

term 3

-2NBT7 add w/ regrouping & simple subtract w/o regrouping within 1000

-2NBT9 explain addition and subtraction strategies

-2MD7 Tell and write time to 5 minutes, am, pm, digital, analog

-2MD8 Solve word problems with dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies using symbols

-2MD1 measure length of object w/ appropriate tools

-2MD3 estimate lengths

-2MD5 solve word problems using addition and subtraction

-2MD6 represent whole numbers on a number line and sums and differences

-2MD4 measure and compare lengths

-20A1 add & subtract 1- & 2-step problems

term 4

-2MD10 draw a picture graph and bar graph with up to four categories

-2G1 recognize & draw shapes w/ given attributes

-2G3 partition circles & rectangles into equal shares & describe them as halves, thirds & fourths

-2G2 partition rectangle into rows and columns of same size squares

-2OA4 ​find total number of objects in 5 by 5 arrays

-20A1 ​add & subtract 1- & 2-step problems